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  • Image for OlliOlli

    Review OlliOlli (PS Vita)

    Just about to arrive on Windows, Mac and Linux, and coming to the PS3 and PS4 soon, Matt Bailey finally wrestles himself away from the addictive OlliOlli to let you know about the original PS Vita version and why you should try this side-scrolling skateboarding game.

    Matt Bailey - 22nd July 2014

  • News E3 2014: What you might have missed

    Matt Bailey runs down the things you might have missed from this year's big games conference in LA, E3.

    Matt Bailey - 12th July 2014

  • Image for E3 2014: Microsoft Conference

    News E3 2014: Microsoft Conference

    Microsoft ran into criticism for their conference last year, allowing Sony to steal the show. Was this year's event any better? Richard Pilot gives a run down of their E3 conference, including some new game announcements.

    Richard Pilot - 25th June 2014

  • Image for Major Resogun update introduces ship editor and local co-op

    News Major Resogun update introduces ship editor and local co-op

    PS4-exclusive Resogun gets a major free update bringing a ship editor, local co-op, and a bunch of other changes.

    Matt Bailey - 24th June 2014

  • Image for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2

    Review BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 (PC/Mac)

    The Burial at Sea expansion and BioShock Infinite itself concludes in this Elizabeth-focussed episode. Matt Bailey dives down to the underwater city of Rapture for what could be our last time to find out if it's a fitting ending to the story, and the studio behind it.

    Matt Bailey - 23rd June 2014

  • Image for Thief

    Review Thief (PC/Mac)

    After rebooting Tomb Raider, Square Enix have relaunched another classic Eidos series. Thief, similarly un-numbered and un-subtitled, is a return for the stealth series and protagonist Garrett. Does it live up to its legacy, or does the new Thief stumble from the rooftops? Richard Pilot goes into the shadows to find out in this review.

    Richard Pilot - 22nd June 2014

  • Image for E3 2014: Sony Conference

    News E3 2014: Sony Conference

    Sony had a big year at E3 in 2013, but that was mostly helped by stumbles from Microsoft. With both MS and Nintendo picking up the pace in 2014, could Sony deliver again, and would we finally see some new PS4 exclusives?

    Richard Pilot - 19th June 2014

  • News E3 2014: Nintendo Direct

    The last conference of big platforms, Nintendo once again abandoned an actual event in favour of another Nintendo Direct pre-recorded video and all the Nintendo favourites made an appearance.

    Richard Pilot - 16th June 2014

  • Image for E3 2014: Ubisoft Media Briefing

    News E3 2014: Ubisoft Media Briefing

    Following on from the EA conference was the Ubisoft media briefing. Not a stranger to announcements, they have previously given us surprises like Watch_Dogs and The Division. Were there any surprises this year? A few!

    Richard Pilot - 13th June 2014

  • News E3 2014: EA Press Conference

    Kicking off our E3 coverage is our summary of the EA press conference, where we saw a bunch of games at various stages of development.

    Richard Pilot - 9th June 2014

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